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Cash Management Service

Cash Management Service


IWIinvestor operates a cash management service specifically to manage short-term cash funds on behalf of client investors. This service allows investors to have access to wholesale interest rates and money market securities, therefore, you may receive higher returns at low-risk levels.

  • Access to higher wholesale interest rates
  • Better investment items only available to institutional professional investors
  • We will manage the maturities & rolling of term deposits for you (on your approval)
  • Cash available overnight, if requested before 2.30pm that day
  • Cash on call (not invested) is still earning the OCR (currently 1.75%).


The IWIinvestor Cash Management performance is set against the ANZ 90 Day Bank Bill Index. The aim is to provide a return equal to or better than the Index return.

IWIinvestor Returns
All these investments are low risk. IWIinvestor will only invest in money market items that have an ‘A’ credit rating or better.
Risk Indicator

This investment is considered the lowest risk investment.



The fees charged are separated into two service areas:

  1. Advice & Portfolio Management
  2. Administration & Custodial Services

The fee charged is a per cent per annum and based on the daily value of your portfolio.

Advice & Portfolio Management

IWIinvestor will provide you with Advice and Portfolio management. IWIinvestor will manage your funds:

  • Set up an account in your name
  • IWIinvestor will invest based on your investment parameters, which will be matched to your cash-flow needs
  • We will monitor short term cash investments to ensure we capture the best global and domestic interest rates
Administration & Custodial Services

IWIinvestor has engaged FNZ Limited to provide Investment Administration and Custodial Services. The IWIinvestor System covers the IWIinvestor Investment monitoring, administration and custody services. 

While your funds are held and invested through the IWIinvestor System, your funds along with any income received are separately identified and you are always recognised as the beneficial owner.


IWIinvestor will provide regular reports showing; Valuation, Performance, Transactions, Cash Movement, Income Statement, Fees and Taxes



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