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IWIinvestor's approach to Investment

We protect and grow the wealth of our clients 

Pou Tiaki i Ngā Rawa

IWIinvestor is committed to being New Zealand’s leading Māori-owned investment and financial advisory service. To that end, we seek to be a trusted partner who delivers quality investment outcomes for our clients.

As a Financial Advice Provider, IWIinvestor provides the means for its clients to grow their wealth by accessing appropriate investment opportunities cost-effectively.

This is achieved by providing investment advice and portfolio management.

IWIinvestor’s approach is to provide its clients with low cost, independent, socially responsible and highly diversified portfolios that acknowledge the client’s risk profile.

IWIinvestor has seven multi-asset class portfolios ranging from low to high risk. This comprehensive range of portfolios enables clients of varying risk profiles to access portfolios that best match their appetite to risk. All investments are held in managed funds, there are no direct securities in the portfolios.

IWIinvestor Services

IWIinvestor provides its clients who are predominantly individuals, charitable trusts, Māori entities and investment organisations with a comprehensive range of services, including:

Financial Advice only

Development of your investment plan.

Ongoing Financial Advice and Portfolio Management

Recommend investments for your portfolio & ongoing monitoring and reporting on these investments.

Portfolio Administration

Implementing your portfolio in accordance with your investment instructions, ongoing monitoring and reporting on these investments.

Investment Policy Statement development

Working with you to develop an Investment Policy Statement documenting your investment policies and setting out the investment governance and management framework. Read more

Cash Management Service

IWIinvestor’s Cash Management Service allows investors to access wholesale interest rates and money market securities. Doing so enables you to receive higher returns at low-risk levels, and for low cost.
Read more 

IWIinvestor investment process

IWIinvestor’s Investment Committee is responsible for model portfolio design and monitoring.

While IWIinvestor retains the governance responsibility for investment activity, we have outsourced research, due diligence and portfolio design to MyFiduciary.

MyFiduciary are independent and experienced investment consultants who provide the independent investment research required for asset allocation, fund selection, and advisory service which enable us to run a best practice, fully compliant investment process.

Their recommendations are reviewed by the IWIinvestor Investment Committee and, if accepted, then ratified by the IWIinvestor Board.

IWIinvestor does not hold any client money or client property, it uses a Wrap Service Provider FNZ Limited (FNZ), to administer all client funds and securities. FNZ is completely independent of IWIinvestor and holds the client’s investments in its name with the client being the beneficial owner.

Benefits of investing through IWIinvestor

IWIinvestor provides clients with the following key benefits:

  • Independent financial advice from qualified and experienced financial advisers
  • Access to a comprehensive range of quality investment portfolios
  • An investment portfolio that is best matched to your risk appetite
  • Extensive experience delivering quality investment outcomes to clients including individuals, charitable trusts, Māori entities and investment organisations 
  • IWIinvestor's commitment to global best practice in investment governance ensures your investment strategy is properly developed, implemented and monitored according to both legal and ethical obligations
  • Independent from product providers
  • Low cost and transparent fee structure
  • Access to direct investment opportunities
  • Access to investment governance training.


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