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IWIinvestor’s Philosophy & Values


Rich relationships and sound economic platforms provide the foundations to strong Māori communities, delivering long-term benefits to social and cultural well-being as well as environmental outcomes.

IWIinvestor’s contribution to building strong communities is to protect and grow the wealth of Māori. Specifically:

We protect and grow the wealth of our clients
Pou Tiaki  Ngā Rawa 


Our guiding principles support our approach to the services we provide and the relationships we build with our clients:


To acknowledge the mana of our clients through the expression of , hospitality and mutual respect.


To empower our clients to benefit from collective investment opportunities.


To follow and accepted industry principles of investment selection and management.


To provide Māori organisations with accurate, timely investment information helping them make informed investment decisions.


To protect and strengthen Maori Whanau, Hapu and Iwi.

Values -

We embrace the following values which provide the foundation of our behaviour, decision-making and pursuit of goals:

Integrity -

Do what we say when we say we will do it.

Inclusion -

Good communication and engagement skills.

Transparency - pūataata

Clear and accurate reporting.

Service -

Be efficient and listen to client needs.

Meaningful –

Deliver appropriate solutions to meet our client’s objectives.

Innovation -

Use technology and/or new products as appropriate.






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