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Current uses

Jewellery – 80% of current gold used is in the form of jewellery.

Money – it’s been a medium of exchange for 6000 years.

Electronics – it’s an efficient conductor that can carry tiny currents and remain corrosion free.

Dentistry – Gold has been used in dental work for thousands of years as it is biocompatible and unlikely to cause a reaction in the mouth.

Olympics Gold Medals - every Gold Olympic medal must contain at least 6 grams of gold.

NASA  - it can be used for some satellite components and spacesuits.

Gold reflects infrared light whilst still letting in visible light. This makes it perfect for astronauts’ visors, protecting their eyes from unfiltered sunlight


  • The first risk is when you want to sell the gold - if the price is lower than what you paid for it you will make a loss. This is known as market risk. This becomes less likely the longer you hold it.

  • It doesn’t give you an income or interest payments – the ‘return’ comes from the gain in capital.

  • A major gold discovery could decrease the price with a flow of new supply.

  • When economic conditions improve, investors may move to other assets, and the price may fall.



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