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We offer a variety of services to suit the needs of yourself, your Whānau or Trust

Fully Managed

We can fully manage your investment portfolio on your behalf. Together, you and your adviser agree on one of our model portfolios, and then we take care of the details. Using our licensed Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS), we have the ability to manage your portfolio, freeing up your time to focus on other things.

We also take care of the administration including annual tax reports, and regular performance reporting.

We recommend this service for Trusts and organisations with multiple Trustees.

Please contact us to see if this service is right for you.

Advice and Portfolio Management

This service replicates the DIMS as described above but we require your written approval before we act on any of our recommendations. This service is more suitable for individuals (not Trusts).

Portfolio Administration

We Implement your portfolio in accordance with your investment instructions, with no advice from us. You use our administration, safe custody, and reporting service.

Investment Plan Only

We develop a personalised investment plan and make recommendations for you to invest and implement yourself.

Cash Management Service

This service allows you to access wholesale interest rates and money market securities. Doing so enables you to receive higher returns at minimal risk levels, and for a lower cost than you may be able to on your own.

Investment Policy Development

Most Boards or Trusts need some kind of Investment Policy statement which sets out how you govern and manage your investments. We can help you develop this key document.

Investing with IWIinvestor - How it works

Investing can be a bit daunting but IWIinvestor makes it easier to achieve your goals with confidence. Whether you are a Trustee or Whānau member wanting to make the best decisions for your Trust or family, we are here every step of the way to help you through the process. This is how it works:

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Initial meeting to discuss your investment needs and to determine which of our services would be best for you.


Gather Information

We gather more information from you or your Trustees to determine your attitude towards risk, your financial situation, your timeframe and other data needed to produce our recommendations.



We look at a variety of factors to determine the best investment strategy to meet your goals.



We will present our recommendations which will include how to invest, which portfolio to invest in, and our forecasts for the future.



We implement our recommendations by creating an online investment account, you deposit your funds, and we buy the recommended portfolio of investments.



Reports and data are available 24/7 online.  We review regularly, and monitor the performance of all aspects of your portfolio continuously.


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